Getting Your Autistic Child to Wear a Mask


Getting Your Autistic Child to Wear a Mask

Where we live, masks are mandatory when in public spaces. This of course has been a challenging transition for some kids, and more so for an autistic child who may not fully understand the situation. I was discussing this with a friend who happens to be a kindergarten teacher, and mom of young kids herself. She connected me to this great resource from Autism Little Learners to help my son on the autism spectrum cope with wearing a mask. My toddler aged daughter had a lot of fun with this one too!

If you’ve never used social stories like this one for your kiddo on the spectrum, this might be a great place to start. Social stories are simple stories that are a similar style to cartoons. They’re straightforward with very little language and easy to understand pictures. They’re great for anyone who is just starting to develop their language skills. You can find downloads like this one, or make your own for any situation by drawing simple stick figures.

You can also work on motor skills by allowing your child to colour this or write on it. If they take the colouring to an extreme in true ASD fashion, you can always print another one! The simplicity and practicality of social stories makes them one of my favourite resources for parents. You can use them in so many instances where your child might need a little extra help with a concept.

Download your copy here: Mask Story Coloring Book


Three siblings together try to help a child with autism

This resource has been really helpful when it comes to my kids understanding that masks are part of our current reality. Thankfully they have all adjusted into wearing them and it has just become a part of our daily life. How is your family adjusting to this new expectation? I would love if you could share your experiences and anything that helped you below.

**I understand that some people find masks controversial. My personal take is that if experts are right, we could be saving lives. If they’re wrong, we had to wear a mask for a while. Not the end of the world!

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