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Slay The Mic — An Honest Review of Jam Gamble’s Program

Slay The Mic — An Honest Review of Jam Gamble’s Program public speaking coach jam gamble wearing a yellow hat and a tshirt that says toast it ok but it's better with jam

Last spring I was introduced to @iamjamgamble on Instagram thanks to her epic Rachel Hollis video. I was immediately attracted to her self-assured nature and the way she unapologetically delivered her message. She really won me over with how she interacted with the people during the live recording. I was hooked! I devoured all of […]

Disney Loop Review

Disney Loop Review Disney Loop Movie Poster

Disney Loop is one of the latest short films released by Pixar. Renee, the main character in the film is a nonspeaking teen who is attending summer camp. Usually Renee is paired with a certain counsellor who takes her canoeing on the lake. But on this particular day she is paired with an unfamiliar counsellor. […]

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Autism is a complicated diagnosis that only a specialist can give. If you’re concerned about your child, here are some of the less obvious signs that you may want to investigate further.