Slay The Mic — An Honest Review of Jam Gamble’s Program


Slay The Mic — An Honest Review of Jam Gamble’s Program

Last spring I was introduced to @iamjamgamble on Instagram thanks to her epic Rachel Hollis video. I was immediately attracted to her self-assured nature and the way she unapologetically delivered her message. She really won me over with how she interacted with the people during the live recording. I was hooked!

I devoured all of the content Jam put out on IG from then on.

public speaking coach jam gamble wearing a yellow hat and a tshirt that says toast it ok but it's better with jam

Something I really envy about people is when they have the confidence to stay true to themselves. In a sea full of social media coaches, serial entrepreneurs, and so called #girlbosses flaunting their six figure businesses, Jam shines through as herself. I felt like she was a genuine person adding a ton of value and knew I had to jump at the chance to learn from her.

Social Media Hype

Honestly, the price tag for me was a little tough to justify because I don’t have a business or job in which I was guaranteed to make the money back right away. I also knew that I didn’t have a reputation as a speaker, so even if I did earn the money back, it would probably take a long time. But something deep within told me I couldn’t miss out on this opportunity. This wasn’t just me getting caught up social media launch hype.

When the time came to enroll I was ON IT. I signed up within minutes of the registration opening. And it was such an exciting moment. Jam called on us personally to share in our stories if we had signed up, and then when I did she sent me a personal video message. It was an affirmation that I had made the right choice and a sign of things to come.

Time To Work

I promised myself that I would take this program seriously and give it the best effort I could. I showed up consistently and really worked on the things we talked about in class. And I mean it when I say that doing this was transformational. When I signed up I thought I would learn how to become a great speaker, maybe write a keynote, and figure out a way to turn speaking into a business. While I did learn those things, I learned so much that I wasn’t prepared for.

Here’s the thing about Jam. She’s sweet, and she makes toast better… but in the most loving way, she will drag your ass. She will make you rethink everything about how you use your voice. She will shine a light on all the things that have been holding you back. She will change your perspective on speaking in every sense. If you’re anything like me, she will change the way you show up in your life. She will also make you laugh (her slides are hilarious), cry, and cry laughing.

Not only is Jam an amazing teacher who takes time to connect with every single person in the class (she teaches live twice a week!), but she also adjusts the program to bring to it what everyone is looking for. The way she shows up for her Slay the Mic community is unparalleled.

On top of all that Jammy goodness, you’ll also meet amazing people within your cohort and all the previous cohorts. This is truly a family that you want to be a part of. The bonds you’ll form, the growth you’ll witness, and the support you’ll feel are so beautiful. These people will help you to become the you you’re meant to be, not the you you think everyone thinks you should be!

Final Thoughts

I know this all sounds like a love letter, but maybe it is. I sincerely loved my time in the program and I actually cried when it ended. If you’re feeling called to the program, if you’re ready to show up with an open mind and your defenses down, I say you should absolutely go for it. Even though I didn’t leave the program and decide to go out booking thousands of dollars in speaking gigs, I felt empowered to do that. But I also felt empowered to be true to myself, speak up for myself, use my voice. And it is one of the best skills I’ve ever learned.

Thank you for the amazing gift, Jam.

If you’d like to learn more about Slay the Mic, check out this link. It’s not an affiliate link because Jam doesn’t even need to incentivize people to say great things about her!

— Kathy




  • I’m very interested to learn more. I want to make an impact in areas that desperately needs attention. I look forward to future interactions thank you advance for your time.

    • Jam knows how to help people make an impact, that’s for sure! Definitely take the time to learn more about her and follow her on social media. You’ll learn a lot whether you enroll in Slay the Mic or not.


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