Emergency Alert Sticker


In the event of an emergency, alert first responders that your child may not be able to respond appropriately. This sticker was designed by Justine Ma to be helpful to those providing assistance to your child. Simply peel and stick on the exterior of a window that is in a high traffic area.

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The emergency alert sticker reads:
Autistic Child Lives Here
In an emergency situation please be aware child may:
Not respond
Not understand verbal commands
Be unaware of danger
Resist Help
Run Away

The auto version reads “Autistic Child on Board”
Measures 5″ x 5″.
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Makes bath time relaxing

I love baths and when I added some of these salts to my bath, it made the whole room smell amazing. It makes bath time relaxing and my skin soft after I use these in the bath. I’ve tried different versions and they’re all consistently good.

– Crystal A.

Such a great and simple idea

A simple message to let anyone know there is an autistic child living in the home if there is ever an emergency. Such a great and simple idea that doesn’t take up much space. Excellent…..very helpful and well made !!!

– Samantha B.

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