Knix: My Honest Review of Every Product I’ve Tried


Knix: My Honest Review of Every Product I’ve Tried

Knix has been my go-to underwear brand for a few years now. From the first pair of underwear, I was hooked! I’ve tried so many of their products from regular undies, period products, bras, swimwear, and most recently, activewear. I am a major fan of a lot of their stuff, but there are a few things that just didn’t do it for me.

TLDR? Scroll to the bottom of this post for a quick round-up of my top picks! And use my discount code THEAUTISMEDIT_KNIXLOVE to save $10 off a purchase of $100 or more.

This year I applied to be a brand ambassador, not really thinking much of it. But when I got the email that I was accepted to their program, I was pumped! It means you can use my code THEAUTISMEDIT_KNIXLOVE to get $10 off your purchase of $100 or more! If you shop using the links in this post I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. So thank you for supporting me by using the italicized links!

Let’s jump right into Knix products and what I love about them. I think it makes the most sense to start with the cornerstone product of their brand, period underwear.

woman throws knix underwear into the air

Knix Leakproof Underwear Review

Leakproof underwear is one of the Knix products I absolutely rave about to anyone who will listen! I know that periods and leaks can be a touchy subject for some, but it’s a reality for many of us. Knix takes all the stress out of when periods or leaks happen, relieves the mental drain of needing to stock up on tampons or pads, and helps reduce waste. A win from all sides.

They have different absorbency levels (one pair can absorb up to 12 tsp of liquid!) for each style, so you can find exactly what suits you. You can even get a period kit with a bundled discount if you’re not sure of where to start. Even if you don’t deal with periods, these are an amazing option for anyone managing light bladder leakage. They also work amazingly well if you have issues with sweating. The fabric wicks away any moisture and will leave you feeling comfortable and fresh.

These underwear come in two different fabric options. The original nylon-spandex blend, and a cotton-modal blend. I have tried both and I’m not a fan of the cotton modal. It’s really cozy and soft, and it remains that way after many washes. However, I find it really digs into the skin in a way the original fabric doesn’t. It also feels like plain old cotton underwear to me, whereas the nylon-spandex blend feels more luxurious, and who doesn’t want to level up every day?! If you do want to try the cotton modal, I would suggest going up a size.

Hot tip: I love to gift heavy absorbency leakproof underwear to new moms for those postpartum days. They’re perfect for recovery and beyond!

Knixy Lace Boyshort

This lace style seems like it wouldn’t be effective when it comes to the leakproof realm. But once again, Knix has achieved the seemingly impossible. The leakproof technology works wonders even with this sexy fabric mixed in. If you like the style but not the idea of a lace period mash up, they also offer it in the essential lineup as well.

Super Leakproof Dream Short

Prepare to have your mind blown by the super leakproof dream shorts. These beauties are a nighttime game changer! The soft breathable fabric is the MOST comfortable when you’re feeling bloated and want to take a tub of ice cream to bed. The extra-long gusset will give you the sweetest dreams because there is no way you’ll wake up with anything on your sheets. They can absorb up to 12 tampons worth of liquid! Sleep easy, because they will absorb everything even on the most intense days of your period or through the hottest, sweatiest days of the year. Also, they’re kinda cute, right?!

Luxe Modal Leakproof High Rise

When I first saw this set, I immediately fell in love! The details on the waist band and the band of the bra gave me heart eye emoji face immediately. Swoon! I hesitated to order it because I’ve never been a fan of the cotton-modal fabric. But when it came out in the Endless Sky blue color for spring 2023, I knew I had to take a leap of faith.

I’m so glad I did because wow wow wow, these are unbelievable undies! The fabric is so soft, cloud soft doesn’t even begin to describe it. The matching bra is incredible for lounging around at home, while still looking super cute. It’s no secret that sets have been trending in fashion, and this is another set you should be sporting underneath!

Everyday Essentials Underwear

The Knix everyday underwear is all the same things I’ve mentioned above, without the period or moisture protection. They are the same lovely fabric on the body, but the gusset doesn’t act like a pad. These underwear are so comfortable for everyday wear. I especially love the thongs or boyshorts when wearing pants, and the high rise briefs when sleeping or wearing dresses or rompers.

The reason I love these styles so much is that they have more coverage in the front. I find they stay up on my belly and don’t roll down when I’m sitting, or when I’m being active. I have a more curvy midsection with thick thighs and a big butt (thank you Universe!). I find the bikini cut doesn’t stay as high up on my body as I would like, whereas the thong and the boyshort cuts stay put. The high rise are my hands down favorite, but they are so high rise that they will pop out the top of even your highest high rise jeans lol. So you may want to reserve those for bedtime and dresses!

Amazing Return Policy

Knix stands behind its products, so you don’t ever have to feel like you’re locked into a purchase you don’t love. This is one of my absolute favorite things about their brand, though it is impossible to pick one or even just five of my favorite things about them (read in full here). The entire page is clear and concise without any complicated jargon to confuse you. They know you’re going to love your products, and will not badger you if for some reason you’re unhappy. This return policy is a 10/10. Just look at this:

“All Knix Bras, Underwear, Tops (including Bodysuits), Shapewear, Masks, and Pads are eligible for return or exchange within 30 days of delivery. We want to make sure you can give your new Knix products time to mold to your shape and get comfortable. Do what you want to do in them, and wash them as much as you like. If you find the fit still isn’t right, message us to get a personal fit consultation before returning for the right size.”

Like hello!!! Take my money, please! It’s in good hands!

If you want to avoid making a return altogether, book a virtual fitting. I know it can sound intimidating to book a virtual fitting when purchasing intimate apparel, but camera off is an option! The Knix team is incredible and will absolutely make you feel comfortable while finding your perfect fit.

Knix Swim Review

Check out both of these styles up close and personal in this Instagram reel review.

Classic One Piece

I am not the type to purchase a bunch of different swimsuits. I like to buy 1-2 quality ones to have as long as they last, and then maybe one cheap one to wear in highly chlorinated pools where they’re sure to be destroyed. So when I found out that Knix made a swimsuit that had leakproof protection, I knew I needed to have it!

We go swimming a fair amount, and we head to the lake many times throughout the summer. This swimsuit has saved me so much stress about dealing with periods and water. The design is classic and simple, so it’ll never go out of style. It’s super flattering with just enough compression and lift to make me feel confident. Perfection in my books!

Leakproof Sculpt High Rise High Cut Swim Bottom

In a million years I never would have thought I’d be ordering a two piece swimsuit. But if there’s anyone who could convince me to do it, it’s Knix. I love this sporty style high rise high cut swim bottom that made history! It was the first leakproof swimsuit to ever be featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine!

Scoop Bikini Top

The smart design of this scoop neck bikini top makes it look sexy while making you feel totally covered up and confident to move about. Regardless of if you’re chasing kids at the park, playing beach volleyball with friends, or just trying to look hot, this swim top is it!

If these classic styles aren’t your vibe, they have so many styles available to choose from. I love that they have inclusive sizing for all body types. Rock the swimsuits ladies! You only live once! Don’t forget to use the code THEAUTISMEDIT_KNIXLOVE to save $10 off your swimwear purchase!

Knix Bras Review

When I said I was a super fan, I meant it. If you think we’re even close to done chatting about the things I’ve tried, nope! But if this is TLDR (too long didn’t read), scroll to the bottom for a quick bullet list of my fave products without any in depth details. I’m telling you, Knix is where it’s at for me!

As someone with a big chest and broad shoulders, bras have always been a challenge for me. I want something that gives lift and support, but I don’t want to add any unnecessary bulk or discomfort either. I’ve tried a few different Knix styles, and this is how I’ve felt about each.

Evolution Bra

The evolution bra was the first bra I ever tried from Knix. I purchased both the padded and unpadded versions during their warehouse sale. It was a total gamble as warehouse sale purchases are always final sales. Those two were a complete flop for me. I was not a big fan of them and ended up donating them. This says a lot because I am one of those people who has a disturbingly difficult time letting go of bras!

The main reason I didn’t like this bra is because it didn’t give me the shape or lift that I desired. Honestly, I should have known this wouldn’t be the bra for me based on the images on the website. I can see how it might really appeal to someone with a smaller chest though. I can also appreciate that I may not have ordered the correct size, and was getting too much of a ‘smush’ effect. Overall, there are better bras in the Knix lineup for me!

Revolution Bra

Ok… Knix revolutionized the period industry, and now they’re coming for bras! The Revolution bra is aptly named because it is seriously everything you’ve ever wanted in a bra. The cut is so flattering, it works under the majority of clothing styles, and the comfort level is unreal! This is my new go to bra for all occasions. There is no underwire, but you still get lots of lift. The straps are adjustable and the back is the traditional hook and eye closure, so you can adjust no matter what changes your body may experience.

It has become my new favorite bra by a long shot. It’s got that simple t-shirt bra vibe with a sexy cool girl edge. They always have it in fun colors and patterns if you are looking for something a little more playful. This one cannot be missed. I would recommend it to anyone, regardless of the size of your chest.

Revolution Shadow Mesh Bra

The Revolution Shadow Mesh Bra is exactly as you’d expect. It’s the same as the revolution bra but has a mesh detail in the cleavage. This gives it a bit of a sexier vibe, and the lace can pop out if you’re wearing a lower cut v-neck. The detail is pretty though, so it can also give the impression that it’s a lace camisole underneath. I have this one in the limited edition orchid color and love it for date nights or under a blouse.

Padded V-Neck Bra

The padded v-neck bra caught my eye because it has a very similar look to the revolution bra. It’s very similar but a little more covered up. This makes it a great option if you’ve got an active job or are running around with kids, and don’t want anything spilling out at an inopportune time.

This bra makes for a great everyday option and could become a staple in your wardrobe. The support is great, and the coverage is high but you could still easily wear it under any crew neck tee, and most higher cut v-neck styles. Depending on the day, I most often reach for this or the revolution styles.

LuxeLift Pullover Bra

For a long time, the LuxeLift Pullover was my favorite bra ever made. It feels like you’re wearing a sports bra, but gives you the most perfect shape. It fits under almost any style of shirt or a thick strapped tank. It’s very versatile for an everyday bra.

The size chart told me I was a XL, and while I have, love, and continue to wear the XL, I also have, love, and continue to wear a L. From now on I will most likely order L in this style of bra. The reason is I find the XL straps just slightly too long, and they don’t give me as much of a lift as the L. These are all things I wouldn’t have known had I not washed and worn them many times before figuring out what is the right fit for me. This is why the knix return policy is so amazing! (If you skipped it, I mentioned more about that above. Scroll back up to see what I’m talking about!)

It is absolutely essential to wash and wear your Knix at minimum 2-3 times before deciding on how you feel about the fit. I find they always feel really snug at first and make me question if I’ve ordered the right size. Everyone’s body is different, so whatever magic they use in their fabric will help the pieces conform to your body, but ONLY after a few wears and washes. Don’t fret — many of their products can be worn and washed and still returned! (and I promise you, they’re not re-selling you washed and worn undies).

**Since this post was originally created, Knix has released the adjustable revolution pull over bra. I have not personally tried it, but it seems to be very similar to the LuxeLift, but fixes the stretching out issues that I have with it. If you try it, let me know what you think! I’ll be adding this to my wishlist.

Wing Woman Contour Bra

When I first tried on the wing woman contour bra, I wasn’t into it. I thought, “Mmm this is nice, but it’s just not for me.” It had the unfortunate timing of arriving with my LuxeLift Pullover Bra, and they just couldn’t compare. I have a very casual lifestyle, and the LuxeLift suits my day-to-day wardrobe perfectly.

But then I tried the wing woman on with a few different outfits, I started to really come around to it. It looked amazing under a turtleneck and made me feel like a powerhouse woman! It really made me feel empowered and sophisticated. So I tried it under a few dresses and some blouses and ended up falling for it. One of my favorite features of this bra is how it has little side panels sewn in to help hide that little fat pocket I have in my armpit. Glamorous, I know, but I am who I am!

If you wear a lot of v-neck styles, or a dressier wardrobe to your office every day, the wing woman might end up being your go-to bra during your 9-5.

Knix Activewear Review

Activewear has seemingly become an essential staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Not all activewear is considered equal, so here’s my take on the Knix activewear that I have tried to date. Since we’re on the topic of bras, let’s start there.

Catalyst Sports Bra

The Catalyst Bra is not a bra I naturally gravitated towards. I don’t even know why because it seems similar to the Luxe Lift. I think my initial hesitation was that the design is a little too covered up for me. However, this has become the bra I find myself reaching for every day. I’ve added three of them to my Knix collection now! Not something I can say about any other bra.

The reasons I fell in love with this bra are:

  • the amount of lift you get is shocking in the best kind of way
  • straps are adjustable so it maintains the fit over time
  • holds everything in place even during the highest impact activities
  • looks great under all kinds of shirts
  • comfortable cut that you’re not dying to take off after a long day

There are two different styles of the Catalyst Bra. One has all the traditional closures you’re used to. Straps that slide up and down, and hook and eye closures at the back. The other catalyst bra differs slightly because it has a front zip closure and the straps cross in the back. It does still have the hook and eye closure in the back, but you don’t need to use them if you have mobility issues and want to close the bra from the front. I’m wearing it in a printed fabric in this reel.

Personally, I prefer to original style for two main reasons. First, I don’t find the cross straps to be as comfortable or as easy to adjust when wearing the bra. Secondly, I often can’t get the front zip to sit flat and it pokes out of my shirts or tanks. If you like exercising without a shirt on, the front zip is a cute detail. If you like to be a little more covered up or want to wear this bra daily, maybe skip that style.

Momenta Bra

If you love a classic racerback sports bra, the Momenta is one you’ll want to add to your wardrobe. This is considered a medium support bra. I would say that’s accurate but also gives more support than I was expecting. The cups in this bra are so flattering, you won’t believe it’s a sports bra. The mesh cut out detail under the bust is a true blessing for those of us who sweat a lot when active (that’s me!).

This is the best sports bra in that classic cut I’ve ever owned, and I’ve had many in my lifetime. I don’t know exactly what Knix uses for fabric, but the way it sits on the body without digging in, moves with you through any activity but keeps everything in place, it’s just mind-blowing! It’s a must have if you wear sports bras on repeat. The only downside to this bra that I’ll mention is that it is so high cut, that it may not work under a lot of your workout gear. For instance if you have a racerback tank that you love to wear during a workout, I’m willing to bet you won’t be able to pair it with this bra unless you’re ok with the layered look.

See me sporting mine right here.

Longevity Bra

The longevity bra is more like a standard sports bra style and should be considered activewear. It’s really comfortable but it’s another one that’s just not for me. I would say the biggest reason is again that I have a larger chest, and I prefer to have more support. My ribs are also very wide, so I find this bra rolls up a touch when I’m sitting down for long periods of time. It’s not nearly as bad as some other styles like this I’ve tried, and that probably wouldn’t happen if I sized up.

If you have a small chest, this one might work great for you. Especially for low-impact workouts, or if you like a comfortable bra for around the house. It’s also long enough that you could totally wear it as a top and not feel like it just strictly looks like a bra. Though this isn’t one of my favorite styles, I actually do wear it around the house quite a bit. I likely wouldn’t purchase it again, but I’m not going to get rid of it any time soon either.

Good to Go Seamless Tank

The Good to Go Seamless Tank is not actually considered a bra by Knix, rather it’s a tank with a built in shelf bra offering medium support. As soon as I saw this cute square neckline detail and added length on the torso, I wanted to try it so badly! It definitely did not disappoint! Honestly, I am super impressed with the amount of support it does offer. I thought it would limit me to very low-impact workouts, but I feel confident that I could wear this through any workout and not be focused on the bounce the whole time–you know what I mean, right?!

While I don’t personally have the body confidence to wear this as a shirt in public, I exercise in my basement at home so I love wearing this with the hi-touch legging as a complete outfit. The fabric is a bit thicker than your typical sports bra, and it’s layered with the shelf tank underneath, so I think that’s why they don’t advertise it as a bra though you could wear it as one if you choose. I was so impressed with how this stays put when you’re doing complex movements. I would definitely order this as a set with leggings in a few different colors. And maybe one day, I’ll even leave the house in it!

Hi-Touch High Rise Legging

Since the turn of the century, leggings have seemingly taken over the world. I am certain I don’t know a single soul that doesn’t have a pair or twelve in their wardrobe. So when a “new” style hits the market, it can feel like they’re overdone and the best have already been made.

My initial response when I saw the hi-touch legging on the Knix site was underwhelming. But I was so deeply in love with the good to go seamless tank, I decided to give them a try. I am SO GLAD I did! When I first tried them on I was surprised at how fitted they were without digging into my sides. It felt as if I should have sized up, but they were so forgiving that it didn’t matter. After a couple of washes, just as the tag promised, they started to conform to my body. It’s seriously like magic!

The features I absolutely love about these are that they have a waistband that NEVER rolls or slides down. I never catch a glimpse of my underwear peeking above the top or worry that when I squat my bum will be showing. They seriously don’t budge, no matter the activity! I also felt kinda meh about the lines on the sides of them, but I love how they are tone on tone with the fabric, so they don’t stand out visually, but they offer so much targeted support. I think they make my butt look more lifted, and BONUS, they camouflage my cellulite!

Fabric wise, they’re everything you need in a legging. I would describe them as a cross between thick opaque pantyhose, and a swimsuit. It sounds horrendous, but it’s a perfect blend. Another amazing perk is that Knix swears the fabric won’t pill. Say whaaat?! That’s amazing news because all my lulus look like garbage after a year due to excessive pilling and dog hair getting woven through the knit. Now that I’ve had these for a year, I can attest that they do not pill! I wash mine on a regular cycle with warm water, and hang to dry. I would definitely order this style again, and for sure recommend you try it out for your next legging purchase.

LeakStrong Leakproof Legging

Similar to the Hi-Touch leggings, Knix has released a leakproof legging for your more intense workouts! I sweat A LOT (as seen in this IG reel right here) and these leggings don’t show a single drop of it. I was super impressed with the absorbency in these pants. They’re so comfortable to wear compared to a bulky pad or tampon, and they definitely wick away far more moisture than either of those products could ever hope to.

These are ideal for gym workouts and outdoor hikes on hot days. You could literally pee your pants in these and no one would know. I’m not saying you should, just saying you totally could.

Knix Loungewear Review

In a post-pandemic world, we have gotten very particular about our loungewear, haven’t we?! Knix does a great job with its fabric selections, making it a strong contender in the overcrowded loungewear space. The price point for the quality is great too. Here’s what I’ve tried so far.

Modal Lounge Pant

The modal lounge pant were included in my Spring 2022 Jilly Box. If Jillian Harris endorses them, they must be good, right?!? Well, they are! They’re everything you want them to be! So soft, super stretchy, and just perfect for around the house but also versatile enough to leave the house in too. While they’re perfect for busting out cleaning moves at home, I also love pairing these with white sneakers, a casual jacket, and hitting the streets to run those errands baby! They’ve held up to a million washes for me too. Another quality product from Knix.

Good to Go Fleece

Fleece is not a fabric I typically love as I find it doesn’t wash very well and can look worn out before its time. So far that hasn’t been the case at all with the good to go fleece crewneck. It has maintained its shape, color, and softness through multiple washes (but I don’t put them in the dryer). The same can be said for the matching joggers.

The fabric even has the slightest bit of stretch to it, which adds to the coziness. I live in a cold climate, and mornings are often quite chilly. This outfit is a constant in my school drop off wardrobe rotation. I love that I can easily break up the pieces and mix them with other basics too. The fit is slightly oversized without making you lose your shape entirely, and the pieces are easy to split up and style in different ways. I love this set!

Papaya High Rise Leggings

The Papaya faux leather leggings were initially released as a limited edition box that sold out within minutes. I was always surprised Knix didn’t bring them back over the years, but they have finally returned! I must mention there have been some changes made to the original pair that I own. My leggings don’t have much going on in terms of shimmer or sheen. They look like real leather in a good kind of way. They’re comfortable through the leg with a great amount of stretch, and super comfortable. The new ones are very similar, but they do have a more textured or brushed look to the fabric.

The only thing I don’t like about them is that they are too high rise. I’m 5’7″ so not super tall, but not short either. I wish the band was 2-3″ shorter, and I passionately love high rise! Either way, I still wear these even after years of owning them but know I would find them more comfortable if they weren’t so darn high. Maybe the new ones have a lower waist band? If you try them out, let me know!

Knix Sleepwear Review

Given the quality fabrics, I have always wanted to give Knix sleepwear a shot. The first set I tried was the short sleeve modal top with the modal sleep pant, and they didn’t disappoint!

This print is so fun and made better with the addition of my daughter’s kitty sleep mask.

Modal Sleep Set

Maybe I have a strange addiction to fabric with stretch, but again… the stretch on these fabrics is perfection! I typically would choose shorts for sleeping, but heading into the winter months it is essential to have a pant for lounging around the house on snow days. The modal sleep pant is the perfect solution. I’m 5’7″ and find the length to be perfect. The stretch allows for comfortable lounging, and the fabric is breathable enough that you can stay comfortable all night long regardless of temperature. There is a shorts option as well if you prefer that!

The matching top is the same fabric and fits well. I went with the short sleeve version so I could wear a cardigan or sweater overtop with ease, but they do offer a long sleeve version too. I’ve also washed this set quite a few times now and it has really held up. The seams are still intact, and they haven’t twisted up, as can so often happen with lesser quality pjs. These are a great choice for something a little more luxurious but still on budget. They would make an excellent gift, and would be great for a changing postpartum body since the stretch is so good.

Limited Edition Holiday Sets (40% off!)

Since I was so happy with the modal set, I decided to treat myself to some holiday pajamas. If you didn’t know, I was born and raised in Nova Scotia, so this blue plaid spoke to my roots! If you prefer a different color, there is a buffalo plaid as well. The fleece is perfect for keeping me warm when I’m up early packing school lunches, but the dress and short styles keep me cool while I’m sleeping at night. I run hot while I sleep, so this is a must for me! I also love that the dress is a bit longer in the back while cut a bit shorter in the front. It adds coverage without adding too much warmth for bedtime.

As always, the Knix team crushed it on these fabrics. They wash so well and feel so great. The short set t-shirt could probably make its way into your regular wardrobe it’s that good. I hope they continue to carry this nightshirt style throughout the year because this is a classic style of sleepwear that I never get tired of buying! Give it a try for yourself or pick one up for a friend. All of the Knx holiday pjs (including family matching sets!) are currently 40% off!

To see the nightgown on, check out my IG reel featuring this piece. I’m 5’7″ and wearing a size L for reference!

Knix Shapewear Review

For a company that empowers women to love their shape, I wondered what shapewear from Knix would be like. Would it suck you in and smooth you out? Or would it be more like a conservative layer so you can be assured not to show anything through a nice blouse at work? Well, depending on which piece you choose, it’s both!

Thigh Saver Shorts

One of the things Knix is known for is the thigh saver shorts! They’re one of those classic items that will be a mainstay in the Knix offerings. If you have any issues with chaffing, these are going to be a lifesaver for you in warmer temps! This style comes in a 4″ or 6″ length. I wear the 4″ length as I generally wear above the knee dresses and don’t want the shorts showing when I’m sitting down or crouching to help the kids at the park.

I was really skeptical that this style would work. I thought for sure they would roll up at the leg seams and roll down on the stomach — as that is my usual experience with any kind of shapewear. I was pleasantly surprised that didn’t happen! I think the key to ensuring it doesn’t happen is making sure you order the right size. This is where the Knix return policy comes in handy!

These shorts are in the shapewear category, but they’re not meant for tummy or thigh control. They’re strictly meant to help avoid uncomfortable thigh chaffing. Knix leveled up the thigh saver this year, and now offers a leakproof version! So you can skip the extra layer of undies even when you’re bleeding, leaking, or experiencing hot crotch summer!

LuxeLift Bodysuit

The LuxeLift Bodysuit falls into the non-compression category. So it too is not technically shapewear, but I treat it as such anyway. This bodysuit is meant to be worn like a tank top, or under an open cardigan. I never wear mine like that because I have a (discontinued) light pink color that shows all the lines of the built in bra and it just isn’t for me to wear that as a shirt. This may be less noticeable on darker colors, but if you zoom in on the model images on their site you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Overall, I don’t reach for this piece that much. There is no compression, so it does not provide the support of traditional shapewear. The bra is medium support, so I feel more supported in other bras like the revolution bra (reviewed above). However, from time to time when I want to have a little more structure but don’t want to feel like a stuffed sausage for an entire eight hour day, this bodysuit does the trick.

If you have a more casual wardrobe, the luxelift bodysuit could be a good option for you. Especially if the lines showing where the bra is built in does not bother you. It’s a nice bodysuit that is comfortable and stays in place. I think if it looked less like underwear and more like a traditional cotton tank bodysuit, I would wear it more often.

High Rise Shaper Brief

A long time ago I had a pair of shapewear from a rival (cough*Spanx*cough) company that were a very similar style to the high rise shaper brief. I loved them and thought this would be a very similar comparison piece. I had high hopes for this item, and I was sadly disappointed. Getting these on was a workout in itself—the compression factor is HIGH in these! It was very exciting to me, as my torso/tummy area is the part of my body I have the most issues with.

Initially, I thought these would be an everyday go to when I wanted a more tailored look or needed a little extra confidence when it came to pulling off a good t-shirt tuck. Maybe it’s that my torso is too long, but these just didn’t cut it. They stop at a very strange place, and because the compression in them is so good, it pushes the fat on my torso up, creating one big muffin top rolling up and out. Not the vibe!

The reason I loved the pair I had from the competitor was that it was long enough to tuck into your bra. It was the best of both worlds. Long enough to cover the entire torso without shoulder straps digging in, and no obnoxious bodysuit to contend with during bathroom breaks. If Knix could add a few inches to the top of this style I think it would be a winner. Or if you don’t have a lot of excess fat through your torso and just a slimming look under a more fitted outfit, this could potentially be great for you.

Shaper Bodysuit

After giving the briefs a try, I knew Knix would come through with some very smoothing, compressing shapewear. So I decided to give the Shaper Bodysuit a try. This one is a winner for me! At first, the shoulders and the crotch were a little tight, but after the first wash, that issue went away. If you’re finding it a little too fitted at the top and bottom, you can adjust the straps at the top and the closure at the bottom to give yourself a little relief.

This is definitely more like traditional shapewear, but it’s surprisingly comfortable. It also has a built in bra, and I didn’t have a lot of faith that it would give me the shape I typically like, but it delivered! There is a lot of support, and a fair amount of coverage, but not enough that it limits what you can wear over top of it.

Overall, I’m really happy with this bodysuit. It is my number one favourite for shapewear in my closet right now. I reach for it whenever I want a more tailored look, or need a little extra support when I’m feeling bloated. It’s a great investment piece if you like to wear shapewear on a fairly regular basis. Or, if you don’t and want to, the shaper bodysuit is a great intro to shapewear piece!

My Knix Wish List

Though I’ve tried many Knix pieces, there are still so many things I’m lusting after! The quality of everything I have, and the way they champion their products with their amazing return policy gives me so much confidence that my money won’t be wasted. My “would love to try” list includes:

Modal Straight Leg Pant

Gen Z has spoken and we all must abandon our skinny jeans without looking back. These straight leg pants are an effortless way to update your wardrobe from the tight fitting leggings that have reigned supreme over the last two decades. Though I haven’t personally tried them yet, they’re definitely on my wish list.

Waffle Knit Robe

A robe is a must have when you live in a cold climate like I do. The cozy factor of this waffle knit robe takes it to another level. Knix has a knack for choosing the best fabrics on the market, and I’m willing to bet this this is no exception. They often carry this robe but they alternate the colors depending on the season. The Glacier color pictured above is one of my faves!

The Knix Ethos

Obviously, I’m a Knix loyalist. I am so passionate about getting value out of things regardless of what they cost. Though the price tag for Knix can feel a little high initially, the value is so high! I really don’t think you’ll regret any purchases. Especially if you read the many reviews on each product, are mindful of the return policy, and really take advantage of their willingness to help you find the right fit.

Beyond products, Knix is so much more than a company trying to score your money. They do so much good in the world. They:

  • use a wide variety of models so everyone feels represented
  • empower women by setting an amazing example of what we are capable of
  • reduce landfill waste with excellent period products
  • not using you to make a quick buck, they’re committed to providing you with a great experience and product
  • have a line dedicated to teens so they can navigate life with a period, without feeling like they’re wearing their mom’s old lady undies
  • give children (and adults!) the opportunity to see models that aren’t altered to meet an unrealistic beauty standard
  • offer awesome rewards and incentives each time your purchase

You really can’t go wrong with supporting Knix. You’re getting an amazing product, and they’re doing great things for the world. Their impactful campaigns (Big Strong Woman, is just one example), what they stand for, and how they are raising up all women.

Thank you so much for reading my review and supporting me by using the links included in this post! Don’t forget to use my code THEAUTISMEDIT_KNIXLOVE to save $10 off a purchase of $100 or more. And please leave me a note below or DM me on Instagram so we can chat about what you’re obsessed with and what you’re returning! I would love to continue this conversation with you!

Did a quick scroll and want a less detailed recap?

Must have period products:
Sleep shorts
Leakproof undies
Leakproof swimsuits

My overall favorites:
Revolution Bra
Boyshort leakproof underwear

Best bras for bigger chest/more coverage:
Catalyst for casual wear
Wing Woman for work wear

Best bra to work out in:
Momenta for a classic sports bra feel
Catalyst for a more multipurpose, ultra supportive bra

— Kathy




    • Hi Claire, during big sales like the current Black Friday promotion my discount code is sometimes paused. It will be active again once the sale ends. Sorry for the disappointment!

  • Hi! Do you still stand by this? I found your site looking for others’ reviews. I bought my first Knix in April and they’re already breaking on the seams. I don’t do anything they say not to. It’s really frustrating that I bought 5 pairs and spent so much and they didn’t last 6 months.

    • Hey Marianne,

      Yes I do still stand by this! I’ve had so many things from Knix that have lasted for years. I will say that I don’t put my stuff in the dryer (unless by accident and it’s still fine).
      I’ve also had really great experiences with their customer service, so if you did have issues with your product you should get in touch with them. I think they’d be happy to help find a solution!

  • I am looking for a wireless bra with support that doesn’t “smash” you like a tight sports bra. I always wore underwire but after a while it snaps or pokes a hole in the bra.
    Can’t stand when a bra rolls up or I have to keep pulling it down. I am full figure but C cup. Would appreciate a recommendation. Thank you so much.

    • Hi Tracy,

      I totally know what you mean about the “smash” of a sports bra. I hate that uni-boob look too! There are a lot of good options at Knix if you’re looking to replace your sports bra or everyday bra. My recommendation would be to check out the Catalyst and the Wing Woman Contour bras. They both sit so great and give a surprising amount of lift for not having an underwire. I would say the Catalyst is great for casual day-to-day wear, and the Wing Woman is better suited to office wear or v-neck/blouse type of tops. So it really depends on your wardrobe and needs. The Catalyst is marketed as a sports bra, and I completely understand why — it holds everything in place VERY well through any kind of movement! But honestly, I reach for the Catalyst almost daily no matter my activity level.

      If you’re wanting more of a traditional racerback sports bra, check out the Momenta sports bra. It has cups in it that give such a nice shape and lift. It’s also cut to be a bit longer on the torso, so I don’t find it rolls up. But I will say that will depend on the fit of the bra. So consider doing a virtual fitting before purchasing so you can make sure you’ll be happy with your purchase. Knix has amazing customer service, so I’m sure they will be able to answer all of your questions in depth and guide you to exactly the style and size of your dreams!

      All that being said, I haven’t personally tried the Revolution Bra, but I am dyyying to! It’s next on my list for sure. It seems to have my favorite features of both the Catalyst and the Wing Woman combined. I do love the Luxe Lift bra, but I would say that over time ALL bras stretch out. It’s just the nature of the fabric. So I prefer to have the adjustable straps so I can maintain the look I want over time. With the Luxe Lift, I lose a bit of lift after a while and wish I could shorten the straps once the fabric stretches a tad — but it’s a pull over bra so that’s not an option. But if lift doesn’t matter to you, that one is a great tshirt bra with a sports bra feel.

      No matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong. If you have anymore questions, let me know! And don’t hesitate to book that virtual fitting — I know it can feel intimidating but I trust Knix will put you at ease!


      • Cathy you told us on March 14 that theRevolution Bra is your favourite. On your March 25th response to Tracy you say you haven’t tried it.

        This is more sales than unbiased reviews.

        • Hi Lindy,

          Sorry for the confusion! The original post date of this blog is March 14, 2022. As I try more Knix products, I update the post but the date remains unchanged. After my comment to Tracy, I had the chance to try the Revolution Bra and updated the post to reflect that. It would have been in April, 2023, as I posted a review of it on Instagram at that time. It remains a favourite of mine! I hope that clears things up. If you have any other questions or comments, please let me know. Thanks!

    • My pleasure! I hope you love everything you order–I have a feeling you will!


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