6 Books To Add To Your Reading List


6 Books To Add To Your Reading List

Reading and sharing about books is a love language for me! Some of the books I read are focused on autism and of course, many are not. Here are some books I’ve read lately, and my brief thoughts on them.

At first glance, stop checking your likes is a book about social media. But it isn’t that at all! If you struggle with finding answers within, creating strong boundaries with your friends or family, this book is a must read! Susie Moore is a well known life coach, so she gives journaling prompts to help you get right to the heart of your issues (we’ve all got ’em!). Her fun and upbeat personality shines through her writing so while she covers some heavy topics, it’s still a really fun read.

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This memoir tells the story of a later in life diagnosed adult, and her personal struggles to find her place in the world. As a mom of a child on the spectrum, I love learning from autistic adults because they offer the best insights into how to help our children flourish, and how as a society we can do better for all. This book goes into a lot of detail, calls out the mistakes parents like me are making and gives a raw and honest account of what it’s like to live as an independent autistic adult.

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Since hitting my 30’s I’ve been focused on personal growth. I’m currently reading and loving this one. In this book, he builds on research by Abraham Maslow (who died in 1970) and brings new insights from his own research. There are some paragraphs I find myself reading more than once because it takes a minute to sink in, but I love learning about psychology and the why behind our actions. It’s an interesting read for anyone intrigued by what’s standing in the way of their self-improvement.

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What’s next on my list?

Up next I am going to re-read You Are a Badass. This book is light hearted and funny, but also really empowering. It’s a similar idea to the Susie Moore book that started off this list. I get super charged and motivated by books like these, so I am always interested in reading them a second or third time. I find when a year or two goes by between reading it, you see the advice through an entirely new lens and apply it in a fresh way.

Atomic Habits has been on my list for a while. I’m an avid library user, so I’ve had this one in the queue for some time. This one is almost ready to be picked up and I really look forward to diving in. Lately I have been making a task list each morning of my three most pressing tasks, and it’s remarkable how much more productive I feel. I can’t wait to add more tools to my life to help me reach my goals.

I wanted to read A Beginner’s Guide to the Universe after watching this interview. Spirituality is a big part of my life, and affirming it with books like this is always a pleasure. Have you read any of these? Which one are you adding to your reading list? Let me know if you have any book recommendations for me in the comments below!

— Kathy



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