When the pandemic is over, my life won't go back to 'normal'

If missing birthday parties or not going to the movies really bugs you, remember that for parents of kids with disabilities, it’s always been this way.

a child reads a book in bed

What is High Functioning Autism?

The terms high functioning autism and low functioning autism get tossed around often. But let’s chat about language. Not “speech and language” or “developmental milestones of language” or one of the 100 other things

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Today’s Parent Article

I recently wrote a guest post for Today’s Parent about the similarities between pandemic parenting and disability parenting. If you take the time to read it, here, please let me know your thoughts. —

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Disney Loop Movie Poster

Disney Loop Review

Disney Loop is one of the latest short films released by Pixar. Renee, the main character in the film is a nonspeaking teen who is attending summer camp. Usually Renee is paired with a

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Autism is a complicated diagnosis that only a specialist can give. If you’re concerned about your child, here are some of the less obvious signs that you may want to investigate further.