My ADHD Diagnosis

I never would have considered that I had ADHD. Discovering what it actually was made me realize how drastically it was affecting my life.

therapist uses checklist to support client with ADHD

Getting an ADHD Diagnosis

Getting an ADHD diagnosis was not on my radar when I met with my therapist for the first time three years ago. About halfway through our initial session, she asked me if I had

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family takes photo in front of Radiator Springs in Disney Cars Land

Disneyland DAS Pass

Disneyland has long been touted as being the happiest place on earth. But for some, it can be an overwhelming sensory experience. In that case, Disneyland DAS Pass may be able to help! We

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Autism is a complicated diagnosis that only a specialist can give. If you’re concerned about your child, here are some of the less obvious signs that you may want to investigate further.