5 Actually Autistic People You Should Pay Attention To


5 Actually Autistic People You Should Pay Attention To

A lot of information about autism comes from sources other than autistic people. While there is a lot of value in hearing what researchers, doctors and other parents have to say, no information is as valuable as that which comes from the actually autistic community.

Here are 5 people whom provide a lot of insight as to what it’s like to live as an autistic person.

Amethyst Schaber hosts her channel, “Ask an Autistic” on YouTube. The videos answer questions submitted by viewers and can range anywhere from “What is stimming?” to, “Gift giving with respect”.

Anna Zoe uses her platform to challenge the language surrounding autism. She is open about her experiences and shares powerful information that will make you reconsider the way we think about ASD.

James Sinclair writes a personal blog from an autistic point of view. His blog, “Autistic and Unapologetic”, touches on pop culture, current events. It also provides tips on how to understand and embrace autism.

Dan Morgan hosts “The Aspie World” on YouTube. His message is showing the world that “Autism can be freaking cool!” The fun videos inform us about the spectrum and provide those who are on it with tips and hacks for daily living.

The Autistic Life breaks down common ideas about autism, and how they vary for different people on the spectrum. The message is clear and simple. It’s easy to understand as well as share.

Who are some actually autistic people that you love to follow and learn from? There is no better way to learn and grow than by sharing our experiences with one another. Please share anyone who is using their voice in a nonjudgmental way to help uplift the autism community.

— Kathy


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